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Business Administration

Course Reading

Business Administration II

Valid from spring semester 2018


Course Code: FEGB01
Course Title: Business Administration II
Företagsekonomi II
Credits: 30
Degree Level: Bachelor

Holgersson, C., Wahl, A., Höök, P & Linghag, S. (red). Det ordnar sig: teorier om organisation och kön. Last edition. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

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Sveningsson, S. & Alvesson, M. Ledarskap. Last edition. Malmö: Liber.


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Aaker, D. and McLoughlin, D. Strategic Market Management Global Perspectives. Last edition. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Kindström, D., Kowalkowski, Ch., Parment, A. Marknadsföring mellan företag. Liber.

strategi och B2B.

Reference Literature

Jobber, G. Principles and Practice of Marketing. Last edition. New York: Mc Graw-Hill.

Carrington, T. Revision. Last edition. Malmö: Liber.

Jonäll, K. & Lumsden, M. Externredovisning i icke-noterade svenska företag. Last edition. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

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Breaely, R., Myers, S.c., Marcus, A.J. Fundamentals of corporate finance. Last edition. New York: McGraw.


Approved by the Faculty Board of Arts and Social Sciences, 11 May 2017