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Chemical Engineering

Course Reading

Bioindustrial processes

Valid from autumn semester 2017


Course Code: KTAD01
Course Title: Bioindustrial processes
Bioindustriella processer
Credits: 15
Degree Level: Master

Chemical Process Technology, Moulijn, Jacob. A., Makkee, Michiel., and Van Diepen, Annelies E., 2nd Ed., John Wiley & Sons Ltd., ISBN 9781444320244 (Cloth) /9781444320251 (Paper), 2014
The Ljungberg Textbook, Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Reprinted with permission and purchase at the Welcome Centre.
Biorefineries Roadmaps - part of the German Federal Government action plans for the material and energetic utilisation of renewable raw materials, Text/Eds. Agency for renewable resources e.V. (FNR),, 2012 (Available as PDF at Its Learning Platform).

Reference literature:
The Biorefinery concept: Using biomass instead of oil for producing energy and chemicals. Ed. Francesco Cherubini, Energy conversion and management 51(2010) 1414-1421
Papermaking Science and Technology, Book 20, Biorefining of forest resources, Ed.Raimo Alén, Helsinki, Finland, 2011 ISBN 978-952-5216-39-4


Approved by the Faculty Board of Health, Science and Technology, 7 March 2017