Reg No: HS 2016/68


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Course Reading

Social scientific methods

Valid from spring semester 2017


Course Code: SOGN03
Course Title: Social scientific methods
Samhällsvetenskapliga metoder
Credits: 7.5
Degree Level: Bachelor

Field, Andy. Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics. London: Sage Publications, 2013. Pages: 952. Chosen parts

Marianne Jørgensen & Louise Phillips. Discourse Analysis as Theory and Method. London: Sage, 2002. Pages: 224.

Svend Brinkmann & Steinar Kvale. Interviews: Learning the Craft of Qualitative Research Interviewing. Edition 3. London: Sage, 2015. Pages: 405.


Approved by the Faculty Board of Arts and Social Sciences, 5 December 2016