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Political Science

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Methodology and Research Methods in Political Science

Valid from autumn semester 2016


Course Code: SVAM01
Course Title: Methodology and Research Methods in Political Science
Statsvetenskaplig metodologi och forskningsmetodik
Credits: 15
Degree Level: Master

Djurfeldt, Göran, Larsson, Rolf, Stjärnhagen, Ola. Statistisk verktygslåda 1: samhällsvetenskaplig orsaksanalys med kvantitativa metoder. Last edition. Studentlitteratur: 2010.

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Chapter in a book
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Additional material
Additional material of about 300 pages

Bacchi, Carol. Analyzing policy; What's the problem represented to be?. French Forest: Pearson, 2009.

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Approved by the Faculty Board of Arts and Social Sciences, 30 June 2016