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Valid from autumn semester 2014


Course Code: SVGE10
Aspects of Sweden, 7.5 Credits
(Aspects of Sweden, 7.5 Swedish credit points)
Degree Level: Bachelor

Bäckström, Anders, Edgardh Bäckman, Ninna, Pettersson, Per. Religious Change in Northern Europe. The Case of Sweden - from state church to free folk church. Final Report, Stockholm: Verburn Available as PDF on the coursportal Itslearning

Larson, Torbjörn & Bäck, Henry. Governing and Governance in Sweden. Studentlitteratur, 2008.

Pettersson, Per. "State and Religion in Sweden: Ambiguity Between Disestablishment and Religious Control". Nordic Journal of Religion and Society . 2011/24/2. 119-135.

Sporre, Karin. "Value Conflicts and Faith-based Schools - in Contemporary Sweden". Nordic Journal of Religion and Society . 2013/26:2. 175-191.

Additional material
About 100 pages

Hilson, Mary. The Nordic Model Scandinavia Since 1945. 2008.

Magnusson, Lars. An Economic History of Sweden. 2000.

Approved by Faculty Board of Arts and Social Sciences, 23 June 2014


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