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Valid from spring semester 2015


Course Code: MUGL33
Music and Sound Production 4, 15.0 Credits
(Musik- och ljudproduktion 4, 15.0 Swedish credit points)
Degree Level: Bachelor

Ballou, Glenn. A Sound Engineer's Guide to Audio Test and Measurement. 2009. Pages: 179.

Bartlett Bruce & Bartlett Jenny. Practical Recording Techniques: The Step-by-step Approach to Professional Audio Recording. Focal Press, 2008. Pages: 356.

Everest, Frederick Alton. Master Handbook of Acoustics. Tab Electronics, 2009. Pages: 528.

Senior, Mike. Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio. Focal Press, 2011. Pages: 352.

Approved by Board of Teacher Education, 17 February 2014


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