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Valid from spring semester 2010


Course Code: NGGA23
Geographical Informations Systems I, 7.5 Credits
(Geografiska informationssystem I, 7.5 Swedish credit points)
Degree Level: Bachelor

Geografisk informationsbehandling. Edited by Eklund, Lars. Forskningsrådet Formas, Sverige, 2008. Pages: 300. Is used also in the course NGGB47 and as works of reference in several courses within the GIS Engineering Programme and in Surveying and Mapping Programme.

Works of reference
Geografiska informationssystem - Tillämpningsexempel. Edited by Olsson, Lennart. Last edition. Stockholm: Forskningsrådet Formas, Sverige, 2005.

Approved by Faculty Board of Social and Life Sciences, 30 May 2007


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