Vetenskapliga metoder i sötvattensekologi
Startvecka: 14 (vt -20) slutvecka: 23
Ämne: Biologi
Kurskod: BIAD12 Anmälningskod: KAU-35130 Kursansvarig: Olle Calles Kursadministratör: Kristina Oskarsson
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You should register yourself for the course:
The online registration is open from 23 to 30 March.

The course material is provided to you on Canvas, and you get access as soon as you have registered (see link above).

The course introduction is available online via Zoom Monday March 30 at 13:15 hrs.

As a student at KAU you can get your own Zoom-account which enables you to invite people to your own Zoom-room. This is expected from you for the group discussions scheduled throughout the course.

You can find information about Zoom, incl. technical requirements, at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

BIAD 12 Literature spring 2020
All literature needed for the course, mostly articles, will be provided by us on Canvas. We will be referring to three books, but it’s completely up to you to decide if you want to buy these books or not. You don’t have to buy any of the books to be able to pass the course.

The books are:
1. Dytham, C. (2011). Choosing and using statistics: a biologist’s guide. 3rd Edition. Blackwell Publishing, UK. 316 pages. ISBN: 9781405198394

2. Cargill, M & O’Connor, P. (2013). Writing scientific research articles: strategy and steps. 2nd Edition. Blackwell Publishing, UK. 236 pages. ISBN: 9781118570708

3. Zale, A.V., Parrish, D.L., Sutton, T.M. (2012). Fisheries techniques. 3rd Edition. Bethesda, Md: American Fisheries Society, 2012. 1009 pages. ISBN: 9781934874295

Books 1 and 2 can be found for < 500 SEK, also as pdf:s. Book 3 is more expensive and difficult to find, but can be bought from https://fisheries.org/bookstore/ as a hard copy or pdf. We have some copies of book 3 at KAU that you can borrow (difficult at the moment, I know). All books come in several editions, and any edition is OK to use.

BIAD 12 and Corona = Zoom
At the moment we are advised to conduct all teaching activities online, also for Campus students. So we plan for Zoom-activities only to begin with and hope for the situation to improve before the mandatory activities at KAU last week of April. For now there will be no changes for online (distans) students.

Stay updated: https://www.kau.se/student/ar-student/mina-studier/bra-att-veta/fragor-och-svar-angaende-corona (click the flag for English).

Feel free to contact me with questions at: olle.calles@kau.se

We"ll soon provide a detailed schedule and some recommended reading.

Olle Calles, Course leader for BIAD 12
Mandatory activities in April and May
At the moment we have 18 registered students, which is pretty much a full house. Great! We still have a bunch of reserves waiting though, so if you realize you won"t make it this year please let me know asap!

We will go to River Mörrumsån OR Ätran for the field-course this year, and in we have several relevant sites to visit, and fish to tag, in both rivers.

So the mandatory activities you have to participate in to fulfil the course are currently planned as follows:
- April 27-29: lab study and fish-tagging at KAU
- April 30 - May 3: field-course at River Ätran OR Mörrusmån
- May 25-27: Electrofishing near Karlstad

Contact me if you have any questions and/or comments!

//Olle Calles, Course leader [olle.calles AT kau.se]
Welcome to BIAD 12, spring 2020!
More information will be added during January 2020, but the mandatory practical days will take place around last week of April (7 days) and last week of May or first week of June (3 days).
//Olle Calles, course leader
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