Vetenskapliga metoder i sötvattensekologi
Startvecka: 14 (vt -19) slutvecka: 23
Ämne: Biologi
Kurskod: BIAD12 Anmälningskod: KAU-33130 Kursansvarig: Olle Calles Kursadministratör: Kristina Oskarsson
You don't have to buy the course book
The book is not mandatory reading and is not needed to complete the course, but should instead be seen as extra reading. I"ve been informed that it is also currently out of stock. We have a couple of copies that you can take a look at when visiting Kau.
Welcome to Scientific Methods in Freshwater Ecology 2019
At the moment we have 18 registered students, which is pretty much a full house. Great!

We still have a bunch of reserves waiting though, so if you realize you won"t make it this year please let me know asap!

We will go to River Mörrumsån OR Ätran for the field-course this year, and in we have several relevant sites to visit, and fish to tag, in both rivers.

The mandatory activities, you have to participate in to fulfil the course, are:
- April 23-25: lab study and fish-tagging at KAU
- April 25-29: field-course at River Mörrusmån OR Ätran
- June 3-5: Electrofishing near Karlstad

Contact me if you have any questions and/or comments!

//Olle Calles, Course leader
Allmänt om kursen
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