Designmönster för integritet i programvarudesign
Startvecka: 4 (vt -18) slutvecka: 23
Ämne: Datavetenskap
Kurskod: DVAD35 Anmälningskod: KAU-31384 Kursansvarig: Sebastian Herold Kursadministratör: Sara Westlindh
Expanded registration period
Due to some problems with the student accounts, we will expand the registration period until february 11.

Course start: The course will open in the end of January 2018. You will receive e-mail with access information for the on-line learning platform.
Welcome to the course
The registration period for admitted students is 2018 01 15-2018 01 22.
You register via “MyPage” on www.kau.se logging in with your student account.
To activate your student account, see https://www.kau.se/en/student/current-student/it-support/services/kauid-student-account
If there are any problems regarding the student account, kindly contact the StudentITsupport studentsupport@kau.se
For questions regarding admittance, pre requisites a s o, please contact our admissions office https://www.kau.se/utbildning/att-lasa-pa-universitetet/anmalan-och-antagning/sa-anmaler-du-dig

For questions regarding this specific course and its contents, please contact the course convener.
Allmänt om kursen
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