Vetenskapliga metoder i sötvattensekologi
Startvecka: 14 (vt -18) slutvecka: 23
Ämne: Biologi
Kurskod: BIAD12 Anmälningskod: KAU-30947 Kursansvarig: Olle Calles Kursadministratör: Kristina Oskarsson
Course updates 2018-02-14
At the moment we have 15 registered students, which is a full house. Great! We still have a bunch of reserves waiting though, so if you realize you won"t make it please let me know asap!

We decided to go to River Mörrumsån for the field-course this year, since we have an ongoing research project there at that time and so we can visit a lot of relevant sites and take part in some of the research activities. The dates remain the same, we just have a longer drive and you all need to find a place to stay as close as Mörrum as possible. We can all collaborate to find a good place to stay, ok? KAU will arrange and pay for cars to take you back and forth, but some of you will have to drive.

So the mandatory modules, ýou have to participate to complete the course, are:
- April 24-26: lab study and fish-tagging at KAU
- April 27-30: field-course at River Mörrumsån
- May 21-23 May: Electrofishing near KAU

Contact me if you have any questions and/or comments!

Welcome to Scientific Methods in Freshwater Ecology 2018! (January 16 update)
The course will offer you an insight into how research is carried out from the first idea, through planning, study design, practical work, analysis and scientific writing. We will pay extra attention to practical skills such as how to tag and track fish, and electrofishing.
We"re still sorting out the details, but the course will include two mandatory visits to KAU that will involve practical activities such as lab experiments and fieldwork.

The (less) preliminary dates for these activities are:
1) Lab experiments, fish-tagging and field-excursion: April 24-30
2) Electrofishing and bethic fauna: May 21-23

Don’t hesitate to conact me directly if you have any questions! olle.calles AT kau.se
I kindly ask you to let me know asap if you intend to take the course or not.
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