Redovisning och styrning
Startvecka: 35 (ht -13) slutvecka: 44
Ämne: Företagsekonomi
Kurskod: FEAD25 Anmälningskod: KAU-22144 Kursadministratör: Frania Johansson
Time to apply for courses spring 2014! Last day October 15th!!
For spring 2014 you need to apply for the courses on the master program one year and the master program two year. Go to www.kau.se - current student - choose in Search Program Portal - master one year or master two year and choose Ht13 to find your courses which you need to apply for.

One year master http://www3.kau.se/programtorget/?lang=sv&kod=SASRS&inr=MARS

Two year master http://www3.kau.se/programtorget/?lang=sv&kod=SASRS&inr=SARS

Civilekonom påbyggnad http://www3.kau.se/programtorget/?lang=sv&kod=SASRS&inr=CPRS

Master one year has to apply for the compulsory courses FEAD17 Corporate Governance and FEAD01Business Administration - One-year Master"s Thesis (15 ECTS credits). You have to choose one of the optional courses FEAD45 Financial Risk Management or FEAD46 Företagsvärdering (Valuation).

The two year Master have one compulsory course, FEAD17 Corporate Governance 7,5hp. You have to choose one of the optional courses FEAD45 Financial Risk Management 7,5 hp or FEAD46 Företagsvärdering (Valuation) 7,5 hp.

The courses PSAD09 Ledarskap och personlighet, (Leadership and Personality) 7,5 hp and ENGAI1 English for international students 15 hp and IKGAK1 Affärskulturer - lokalt och globalt, (Business Cultures - Locally and Globally) are optional courses that can be replaced by other courses. If you find something that you want to read instead of these it’s ok for the programs study plan. The courses Leadership and personality, 7,5 cr, Business Cultures – locally and globally, 7,5 cr or English for International Students, 7,5 cr are suggestions of optional courses where the language of instructions are English.
You can find more of these courses where language of instructions is English: http://www.kau.se/en/education/courselist?s[20131]=20131&lang[3]=3 You have to look for the prerequisites for each course to see if you can apply for it.

If you want to apply for more credits then these 30 ects credits you need to apply these as elective courses outside the program

You need to apply on the Swedish web-site www.antagning.se and you need to log in (logga in) as a program student at Karlstad University. This is important! www.antagning.se is open until the 15th of October. Don’t forget to accept the courses in December.
If there is any problem you can always ask another student how to apply or you can visit me. You can send an e-mail elisabeth.sandlund@kau.se.
Dags att välja V14 för Civilekonompåbyggnadsprogrammet! Information only for the students registered on Master Programme in Accounting and Control Continuation Master (75 ECTS credits)
Det är dags att välja dina kurser för våren 2014. Du hittar igen dina kurser på programtorget. Kursen FEAD17 Corporate Governance 7,5 hp är obligatorisk som FEAD60 Företagsekonomi, examensarbete Civilekonom 30 hp.
Du ska även välja en av kurserna FEAD45 Financial Risk Management 7,5 hp eller FEAD46 Företagsvärdering (Valuation) 7,5 hp.
Examensarbete är planerat över 2 terminer, både V14 samt början H14.

Lycka till! Good luck!

Elisabeth Sandlund, Student councellor
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
SE-65188 Karlstad, Sweden
Room 3B322A
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