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Startvecka: 35 (ht -11) slutvecka: 44
Ämne: Materialteknik
Kurskod: MTAD10 Anmälningskod: KAU-16941 Kursansvarig: Pavel Krakhmalev Kursadministratör: Marika Johansson
Updated time for presentations of the project
27/10-11 there will be a PhD presentation of one of our PhD students Jens Ekengren, you are welcome to attend if you want.

But because of that we have to change time for presentations and finish them before 13:00. So time for presentations is changed.

9:00 - 12:30 in 21A341

Presentations of project in the following order

Group 1 (Niclas, Anders, Mohamed, Daniel)
Group 5 (Christian, Eugen, Markus, Arjan, Patrik)
Group 3 (Sofia, Jessica, Louise)
Group 2 (Alexander, Daniel, Karl, Niklas)
Group 4 (Patrik, Kameshwaran, Javed, Hector)

Presentation about 30 min plus 5-10 min questions.
Further classes, project assessment and project presentation
Further classes, project assessment and project presentation

14/10-11, 10:15-12.00 - Lectures on ceramics and composites

14/10-11, 13:15-15:00 - Assessment of home assignments - show your practical results and shortly describe findings and way to explain and present your results. About 20-30 min per group.

Week 17 - Lab work if necessary to investigate some more.

24 Oct 2011 - deadline for submission of final version of the report to P.Karlsson

27/10-11 10:15 - 17:00 Presentation of projects. About 30 min presentation, about 10 min questions and comments. To shorten time only 1 break to lunch 12:00-13:00 will be organized.
Presentations Home assignments

Presentations 7/10-11

Please find HA questions we suggest you to present in the PDF file.

If you want to change time or order of presentations please come to P.KArlsson.

You present 5-7 min, then opponent add something 3-5 min, than audience may ask or add something more. Totally 15 min maximum. If you finished earlier - not a problem.

Please come 10-15 min BEFORE beginning and make sure that you laptop, USB etc. connected/works. Do not waste time for connections/disconnections.

If time will not be enough, we will organize another class for those who did not presented.

NB If you cannot come - inform Patrik Karlssson or Pavel Krakhmalev in advance. Otherwise you miss an obligatory event impossible to repeat until the course is giving next year. If you informed us we will try to find an alternative solution.
Lecture notes
I will upload all lectures as PDF files here to the course web page. BUT lecture notes, both ppt"s and pdf"s are under some reconstruction currently during this term. Please note that old files are available on the web page but will be substituted gradually to the new ones. The new ones will have 2011 in the name of the file.

Programmöte för Civilingenjörer inriktning Maskinteknik
Vi startar terminen med ett programmöte för civilingenjöreer inriktning maskinteknik måndag 29 augusti kl 13:15 i sal 21E 415.
Course start
The course starts on Wednesday 31 August at 1:15 p.m. in room 21D 402. Please klick link "schema" for schedule.
Kursen startar onsdag 31 augusti kl 13:15 i rum 21D402.
Allmänt om kursen
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