Material i industriella tillämpningar
Startvecka: 35 (ht -10) slutvecka: 44
Ämne: Materialteknik
Kurskod: MTAD10 Anmälningskod: KAU-14426 Kursansvarig: Pavel Krakhmalev Kursadministratör: Marika Johansson
Defense results and course evaluation
(I) Results of the defense (grades) will be at Patrik Karlssons door on Friday 5/11-10 week 55.

(II) Please find a new file - Course Evaluation - on the course web-page. Please fill out the form and lave the answers in Pavels or Patriks post box.

(III) Gadde Dileep and Katneni Sandeep, please contact Patrik Karlsson as soon as possible by e-mail.

(IV) Group #1 - Anja Birgmark, Divyank Baradi, Dileep Gadde, Katneni Sandeep, Daniel Eriksson - please send us ALL home assignments by e-mail or in hard copies.

Alternative day for the defense - for those who failed first attempt and those who asked to postpone the defense - is

Friday 5/11-10, 13:15, 21A345.

We meet at Patrik Karlssons office and go to the class for the defense.

It is definitely high time to book time for defense!
Patrik Karlsson, Pavel Krakhmalev
The defense is planned on Friday 29/10-10. Students will come in the same groups as they run project and HAs.

During week 42, students should come to Patrik Karlssons room 21D 212 and book time for the group. Write your names in the schedule situated on the door.

If 29/10-10 is not possible for your group, you have to contact Patrik Karlsson as soon as possible for your own time planning. Optionally - 27 or 28 are possible for the defense.

Last HA and Presentation of projects
15/10-10, 21D402

10:15 - 12:00 - HA presentations

13:15 - 14:45 - Presentations part 1

15:15 - 17:00 - Presentations part 2

Time for presentations extended to 17:00 but we can finish earlier when all the groups finished presentations.

Report and presentation

As was mentioned by P.Karlsson, deadline for the report is 12/10-10.

If you attend both MTAD10 and MTAD18 courses you still can hand in only one report. You do not have to write two separated reports BUT the REPORT should suite aims of both projects and courses.

If you attend both MTAD10 and MTAD18 courses you have to prepare and present TWO DIFFERENT presentations as described before. In the course MTAD18 with a focus on methods and microstructure analysis concluding what material was used. In the course MTAD10 with a focus on a class of materials and explanation why these materials were used (but not any others).

If you attend only this course MTAD10 - one report and one presentation to be done.

Presentations will take place 15/10-10.

Project report structure
Short recommendations to the project report structure are now available. Please download the PDF-file.

/ Patrik.
Important changes in the schedule - NEW!
Class on Friday 3/9-2010 - time has been changed
Class on Wed 22/9-2010 changed to Monday 20/9-2010

Check Schedule for new time and place

ask P. Karlsson, F. Thunander for details
Course start date
The course starts on Wednesday September 1 at 1.15 p.m to 3 p.m. Autumn semester 2010 starts on August 30.
Please klick link "Schema" for Schedule.
Kursen ges i läsperiod 4 med kursstart onsdagen den 1 september kl 13:15 i sal 21A 345. Höstterminen 2010 startar 30 augusti.
Allmänt om kursen
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